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MINECRAFT PREMIUM (DIAMOND) | JAVA edition Read Product Below Info


4 MONTHS WARRANTY | 24/7 ONLINE SUPPORT | If you have any questions 


Why you should buy Minecraft (Diamond) from us?

📌 The best seller on the block 🙂
✅ Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we strive to make our customers happy with their purchase.
✅ We are online 24/7. Instant support.
✅ 4 Months of Support after payment.
✅ Discounts if you buy more than one code.
✅ An individual approach to the buyer.
✅ Positive mood after the purchase and a sea of ​​quality music!


❕By buying this product you get:

🛠 Minecraft game account
🛠 Ability to change the nickname on the account
🛠 Ability to change the skin on your account
🛠 Prompt support in case of any questions
🛠 After payment, the data comes In 24 hour to your mail
🛠 Discount for the next purchase in the form of a cumulative discount
🛠 Warranty for the purchased product, 4 months from the date of purchase


❕Advantages of a licensed Premium account:

1️⃣ At death, the inventory is not emptied!
2️⃣ When entering the server, there is no “Try in 3 seconds” sign!
3️⃣ Play on foreign licensed servers!
4️⃣ Ability to play on MineZ servers!


❔How to change NIK?

1️⃣ Go to the website http: //
2️⃣ You will see the line Minecraft
3️⃣ The “Change” button will appear next to the nickname
4️⃣ Enter your new nickname.

❔How to change the SKIN?

1️⃣ Go to the site http: //
2️⃣ Go through authorization using the data purchased from us
3️⃣ Next, in the upper right corner, click on your login
4️⃣ Select “PROFILE”
5️⃣ You will see a line with a choice of skin – select a skin
6️⃣ Click on the “Reset skin” button below


⭕ We respond to customer messages within 24 hours from the moment of writing the message. It usually takes from 1 minute to an hour
⭕ There is no refund, only a replacement if the account is inoperable upon purchase
⭕ Change of nickname is possible ONCE in THREE months
⭕ Due to the large influx of freebie and deception lovers, in order to avoid fraud, shoot a video of the purchase and login to your account. In case of a problem without a video, we will not be able to help you!
⭕ When buying this product, make sure you read the instructions and know what to do after receiving the product.
⭕ Access to mail – not provided.
⭕ Change of mail or password – not provided. If you try, the warranty will be void.
⭕ The warranty implies the replacement of the product in the event of inoperability within 4
months from the date of purchase

Where can I get the game?
✅ After payment for the goods, the data comes to your mail in 24 hours
✅ Login data is presented as – login: password!

What to do after purchase?
✅ Download / install Minecraft – https: //
✅ Log in to the Minecraft client
✅ Download game – play



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